harry styles
Anonymous asked:
I am pathetically in love with hazza.

That’s not pathetic!

Anonymous asked:
So wait you hacked this blog!?,

Where did you get that idea from?

Anonymous asked:
Wow how many people did you have to kill to get this url haha nice work

Nobody!! Just had to be a fan since day

mykadine asked:
Are you really harry styles? ask me a question

No I’m not. Do you have any cats?

Anonymous asked:
Are u mine? Xx


Anonymous asked:
Please come to Turkey,please,please.... Why do you come to Turkey? Our city beauty than London.

Turkey is my favourite holiday place ever

Anonymous asked:
Do you wanna build a snowman? X.


Anonymous asked:
how should people deal with self-esteem issues, for instance I hate being with my friends now because they're all so pretty and skinny and I'm well, the opposite :/

That’s so horrible you feel like that :( could you talk to someone? Like a professional? I bet you’re beautiful

gemmanstyles asked:
What do you think of Gemma? Haha Sorry I'm just a blog about Gemma Styles so I'd love to hear your opinion :) P.S. Can I have a follow back maybe? :) xx

She is gorgeous

Anonymous asked:
Hi you are a really cool person I will tell you who I am when you follow some body

Hi!! I want to follow you.. You think I’m cool

Anonymous asked:
Is "harrywhiteeskimo" harry's real skype id?

I highly highly doubt it

Anonymous asked:
If you have a twitter what is it?

My twitter is very boring

Anonymous asked:
Do u have twitter?if you do ,does harry follow you darling?

I dooo and no he doesn’t

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