Harry Styles

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Anonymous asked:
if i new you didnt ship larry i wouldve unfollowed you a long time ago damn


badwolftor asked:
I'm selling 2 tickets to the October 1st show in Atlanta in SECOND ROW section B. This is exactly where Harry performs better than words. If you know anyone who wants them please let me know! And if anyone sees this and is interested please contact me! thanks!

Here ya gooo

sashamkk asked:
Hi I noticed you said you did your a levels...how does the British schooling system work? I know this may not be a relevant question but as an American who might be moving possible I'd like to have an idea thanks!!

So years 7-11 are secondary school, where in year 11 (when you’re 15/16) you do your GCSE’s. Then years 12 and 13 you do your A levels, in year 12 they are AS exams and in year 13 they are A2 exams and are each 50% of your final A level. Then when you have finished your A levels you go to uni, or you can do a foundation or you can just work!!

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Anonymous asked:
Why don't you believe in Larry? I mean it's obvious isn't it?

It’s not obvious 😳 I just don’t like how everyone can’t just leave it, why do you care so much

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