Harry Styles
Anonymous asked:
I think snickers is like a British word for sneakers/running shoes

I am British! Didn’t know that

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Anonymous asked:
Who do you ship with Harry? tbh I really would love Harry and Amelia Zadro together but that's just me opinion

She’s gorgeous

Anonymous asked:
Stop getting mad cause ppl keep thinking you're harry cause you MAKE it seem like you are duh!!

No I definitely don’t

Anonymous asked:
Why is Harry Styles balding?

I haven’t noticed, but most men bald at some point!

Anonymous asked:
Hi, what do you think about skirts and snickers?

Skirts are nice and I love snicker bars but I get the feeling that’s not what you’re talking about?

sammin10 asked:
I need some advice? Can you. Help me?

Sure I can

Anonymous asked:
I love it how people think this is actually harry. Like I don't think harry styles would go to tumblr and start posting gifs about himself

Do you love it

Anonymous asked:
What is your horoscope sign?


Anonymous asked:
Infinity signs or Nerd Glasses

Neither 😕

Anonymous asked:
I think Harry cares a lot about the looks of a girl. He also usually only replies to pretty girls on twitter or follows them on instagram.. that's just what it seems like to ME and I gotta tell it makes me kinda sad.

I guess it is quite sad, but it’s life and it is what most people do, not just Harry

Anonymous asked:
Dicks are so gross but they're just amazing like wow your so big I wanna touch you, you make children wow can I give you a hand job? Especially Harry's.

Oh that’s nice

redpaperpackages asked:
Do you think i'll ever meet Harry? Lol

If you reallyyyyy want to, then of course you will

Anonymous asked:
Would harry date a girl with a 4 year age gap?

I’m sorry but pleeease can I stop being asked questions like this.. I’m not Harry - I don’t have a clue!!

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