Harry Styles
Anonymous asked:
I'm just very curious, how many followers do you have? You probably get asked this a lot though

228,539 😏

strangle00 asked:
What is your goal on your life?

To be happy ☀️☀️☀️

Anonymous asked:
Hi! What toothpaste did you use because you have straight teeth?

Toothpaste doesn’t make your teeth straight!!

franciscoribas22stuff asked:
Hello harry í'm going to participate in the X factor Portugal! What you think about this??

Good luck!!!

Anonymous asked:
Can you post the picture from when you met one direction? Id love to see it :-)

I managed to get selfies with all of them about three years ago and they were on my iPhone which I starting using as an iPod and then when I went on holiday to New Zealand I accidentally left it there and without suggesting to anyone else my grandma sent my iPhone in the post (….) and it never turned up to my house in England 😭😣

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Anonymous asked:
I think snickers is like a British word for sneakers/running shoes

I am British! Didn’t know that

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Anonymous asked:
Who do you ship with Harry? tbh I really would love Harry and Amelia Zadro together but that's just me opinion

She’s gorgeous

Anonymous asked:
Stop getting mad cause ppl keep thinking you're harry cause you MAKE it seem like you are duh!!

No I definitely don’t

Anonymous asked:
Why is Harry Styles balding?

I haven’t noticed, but most men bald at some point!

Anonymous asked:
Hi, what do you think about skirts and snickers?

Skirts are nice and I love snicker bars but I get the feeling that’s not what you’re talking about?

sammin10 asked:
I need some advice? Can you. Help me?

Sure I can

Anonymous asked:
I love it how people think this is actually harry. Like I don't think harry styles would go to tumblr and start posting gifs about himself

Do you love it

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